Nine Deuce Records : A Disaster In Progress.

...or so it goes.

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This Is The Live Journal Community For Nine Deuce Records. Current musical artists include but are not limited to Glix, Nephisis, DJ Laserdisc, Barely 13, Seam Ripper, Fluff Daddy and DJ Spork. Phreaks, hax0rs, crackers, nerds, skaters, fake p0sers, ravers, people looking to keep it old school and pretty much anyone else welcome. Oh, and most of us fancy a good game of chess every once and again. If you can think of anything obscure, bizzare or otherwise not widely accepted or known of by the masses, musically or otherwise, feel free to post it. If you got any pictures that you think are old school or BIZZare enough, post them too!

All Dressed Up, But No Place To Go...

Taking it back to 1992.

Nine Deuce / Team Awesome / Robo Army / Illegal Products / Barely 13 / Seam Ripper / Snyper Kulture / Planet Of The Arabs

-= Spork - Pete Fresh - Mr. Wang - Fluff Daddy - Rob Sleaze - Joe Respect - Thug McNasty =-

Spork, Wang, and Fluff Present: September 11, 1977.

(c) Dreamworld Studios 2004

"he's a real one'r", 120mm, 12:00m, 1992, 24-bit, 32x, 3do, 6mm, 8-track, actualism, anagrams, ancient japanese rituals, aqua muslim, arab shit, atari 2600, atari jaguar, atari noises, audio jihad, aural sex, backyard kung fu, bad rap, bangladesh, barely 13, beta, biege box, black box, blue box, bonk, ceds, chess, china, chubby soda, cloves, cosmonauts, cracking, crystal pepsi, cutting cds, cutting records, cyber-lip, deloreans, direct translations, dj bagel shoppe, dj spork, dolemite, dorks, dr. strangelove, dreamcast, drug lab, drum boxes, dutchess county, eddie izzard, electronic music, electronics, england, experimenter today; scientist tomorrow, experiments, faygo, fire, fluff daddy, freestyle walking, fuck all, fucksy, fucksy.com, future bands, h4x0rs, habib, hacking, hardcore, heroin dealer, indie music, indie record labels, jedi, jim kelly, jolt cola, junior high, keyboards, kilometres, kim jong il, know your drugs!, kung fu disco, kung fu thugs, laserdisc, m.u.s.c.l.e. men, mary-kate and ashley olsen, metres, metroid, mini dvs, minidisc, mopeds, mr. ho, names with numbers, narcoleptic, neo geo, nerd alert!, nine deuce, ninjas, nintendo, obverse, odb, ol'dirty bastard, old school shit, phreaking, playing, polish, poughkeepsie, pulp fiction, punch cards, punod, radioshack, recording, red box, robo army, robots, rod serling, roussey, seam ripper, sega cd, sega genesis, sega master system, skate boarding, sonic the hedgehog, space monsters, space people, star whores, stingray, studio punk, super 8, super nintendo, sushi, sux0r ma nud, team awesome, techno, techno-punk, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the human treestump, the nine deuce, the twilight zone, the winter colours, the zero pill, thug mcnasty, thug wellington, thunderbirds, tmnt, toyota corolla tercel, trance, turbo grafx 16, up and straight, wappingers, whuter, yoda