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Okay, today I'm quite busy... I sorted through some files on my computer and found some noises I made.

Some of my aliases include DJ Spork, DJ Laserdisc, and DJ Sleep.

These are simply either parts of songs, uncompleted songs, or beats I'm going to remix or mix into music I'm making.

They're from like a month or two ago when I got all that stuff for my puter and I said I was making all that music.

Originally most of these songs were meant either for quick samples in
the middle of other songs I made, or... were meant for production in
some dvd's I'm working on (certain scenes or menus). So they consist
mostly of electronic sounding stuff and are instrumentals. And are pretty striped down.

I'm not going to rip on myself or say I'm good, I don't think either of those things help anyone.

These just happened to be the quickest to upload to my new server.

So yeah, you can listen to them off the site or download them, either
way I need to tell the nice tax man I'm giving away songs.

They're pretty much in order of "best" to "shittiest". And the names
came off the top of my head right after I made the songs so these may
not even be mentioned in final cuts of anything.

I just didn't want to go 3,000 miles away knowning that no one had heard some of my effort.

Blah, enjoy.

Right click and "save target as" if you like it enough.

1. DJ LASERDISC - SUCKA (instrumental haggard beta version)

2. DJ
SLEEP - THE TERROR (this song I probably spent the most time on, and
even I think it's "artsy", I was in a pretty glum mood when I made it.)

3. DJ
SPORK - FUCT STRUT (AMENDED) (originally meant for a scene with fluff
and i driving around with awesome sun glasses, but I don't even know if I'm going to use it anymore,
I kind of messed about around the end of it too.)

4. DJ SPORK - TRASHY TRASH (LITE) (more background music to work on for a movie.)

5. DJ SPORK - TELEMETRO (i don't even know...)

6. DJ SPORK - STUPID (heh, i was just going for corny ass sounding insturments in this one.)

7. DJ
SPORK - SHITTY ASS FOURTH SONG (this just had alot of instrumentation,
one of my first songs, I just figured I'd throw it in. It has a jew's

8. DJ SPORK - SHITE, NOISE, BULLOCKS (a pattern I made to test out my stereo. It's got some cool noises though.)

9. DJ SPORK - WEAK (okay, it's a dude beat boxing, was meant for the main title menu on this one dvd.)
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